Sometimes it's hard to see how much more you can really be because you don't have people around you who have that vision of you. They see you smaller than you are, they know you to be the size you are now.

Having someone who sees who you bigger and better than you see yourself is powerful.

If you are uncomfortable in your comfort zone because you know there’s more that you should be doing, but you are absolutely frustrated by your own fear, I can help you.

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Latest Courage Hacks


Simply quacking productive!

From hard to flow I’ve spent far too long having things be hard.  It’s been like driving with the brake still on. Each time I’ve tried to get in my flow I’ve used my thinking mind to help me figure out what needs to shift. I’ve read Csikszentmihalyi’s book on Flow.  I know that I need challenge […]

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“Honk” sounded geese wisdom

It was a warm and humid day today.   Surprisingly I got to the school with time to spare before pick up so I seized the opportunity to take the camera to the local pond. I noticed these two geese and as I bent down to take their photo, one of them started walking straight […]

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blue jay

Courage lessons from a blue jay

We recently bought this new bird feeder.  The jackdaws and blue jays are having a field day. They’re messy eaters.  They fly in, grab some food and fly off and in the process drop a whole load on the ground.  I’ve got all types of grass growing around the base now! Today this blue jay […]

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