You are not the person you want to be.

Let's put that right.


You’re playing a role instead of being yourself. You’re shrinking back instead of seizing life. You’re driving yourself mad with your self-sabotage. And what makes it even worse is this:

You know that already, don’t you?

Knowing yourself is one thing. But all the personal awareness in the world won’t help if your inner critic keeps preventing you from making real change.

I’m Vanessa Anstee. I work with people who have had enough of feeling stuck – stuck at work, stuck at home, stuck feeling powerless; stuck knowing what they need to change, but unable to do it.

I’ll help you overcome all the ‘buts’ and ‘what ifs’ that get in the way of change. I’ll help you escape feeling overwhelmed. I’ll help you overcome what’s keeping you small, so you can play a much bigger game.

It starts by finding your courage.


See a different future for yourself. Find out how


Courage Works


A great way to start your day

Sometimes the coffee comes in the form of a question It’s amazing how an 11 year old can ask a question that instantly changes your perspective on your day. Here’s the lesson I learnt today from Maddy, aged 11.      

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SOS: “I’ve got the vision but how the f*&k do I get there?”

SOS: “I’ve got the vision but how the f*&k do I get there?” I see a big vision for what’s possible.  It’s my natural place to fly.  But up until now I’ve had an exhausting journey trying to reach it.  What I’ve tried … – Pushing – Strategic planning – Goal Setting – Working incredibly […]

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Isolated 3d render eco shopping cart sign with white background

Will 5p motivate you to change?

The Backdrop   On 5th October the UK started charging 5p per plastic bag in supermarkets. The aim is to save £60m on litter clean-up costs and £13m in carbon savings. You might be surprised to know that in 2014 the number of plastic bags increased to 7.64 billion – that’s 200 million more than […]

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