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I work with teams that are struggling to own their brilliance together.

These four principles shape the way:

I help you get to the root of your issues, get you talking about things you’ve been avoiding and give you the tools and experiences to aid understanding, collaboration and positivity. Ultimately by doing this work your team will feel better, gain clarity, align and bring down their vision to be brilliant together. That means you can release the pressure, feel more positive, be yourselves and become great again or for the first time.

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Case Study:


The Brief:


Design a new style of management programme that weaves in company values at every twist and turn and helps managers better understand themselves and their reactions and have more adult: adult converations with their teams.




A bespoke 3 day experiential bite-size learning chunks programme: My Brilliant Brand, Building Connection & Inspiring Others.  Focused on understanding their own the relationship between the manager and their people: their leadership style, emotional reactions, defensive strategies and skills to get underneath the surface issues and create adult/adult conversations.




Michael Whitfield  CEO, Thomsons


"Having now had all of my senior managers exposed to Vanessa and the programme she has created, the results are palpable. I can see a new found adventurism in my senior management team and we have started shifting the focus of this team in a very positive way. 


Vanessa challenges me and my people to have the difficult conversations you don’t always want to have as CEO." 


What some of the delegates said:


“I learned that it is ok to ask the hard questions that we normally avoid or side step”


“I’ve found the course a stepping stone in to a different way of thinking.”


“I’ve become a better leader and closer to my team as a result. We’re having more straightforward conversations and that’s positively impacting the way we work and results we achieve.”


“You don’t learn these skills at university.  They not only improve work but also your way of life.”