• Vanessa Anstee

What is the rhythm of transformation?

I am in the midst of “stuff.” Last year was a time of massive change, both planned and unexpected. There have been times when it’s all felt incredibly hard particularly as pushing through just didn’t work. It’s in those hard times where I have to consciously choose to “let go.”

In full disclosure, I am not a natural “let go” person. One of my habits is to over think to try and get some sense of control. It’s that thinking that saves me having to “feel.”

It doesn’t help. The discomfort is always there under the surface.

The practices I share with my clients is also my own medicine. I know I cannot change the situation, I can however choose my response. I remind myself of the success equation.

If I apply my old habit to this the equation looks like this …

From this place there is little space for transformation; just a lot of wasted heavy energy that creates anxiety.

If I apply my list of survival let go practices: walk the dogs, hug a tree, run, yoga, b-r-e-a-t-h-e, eat carefully, drink water, be in nature, b-r-e-a-t-h-e some more, remind myself that “this too shall pass, b-r-e-a-t-h-e again,” my outcome looks different.

They say inspiration comes in a flash.

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of being with a coaching colleague I recently met. We were sharing stories and getting to know each other. We witnessed each other’s energy and impact. We talked about our successes and our edges. She reminded me that my energy was playful and fresh – words that had been given to me as constant reflections during my CTI leadership journey. These parts of me can feel forgotten in the incubation period of transformation. That time when you are mid transition where the old way doesn’t work, and the new way is still evolving. It's that time when it's helpful to have people in your life that remember you in your biggest aliveness; people that really see you.

This morning I woke with Benjamin Zander in my head. I had promised to send my colleague one of his videos. I googled to find the video and happened across a different one. He is definitely one of my go to's for possibility.

Watch the video. It won't disappoint. If you’re short on time have a listen from minutes 6 to 14:14.

Zander says, “The rhythm of transformation is lighter and brighter and faster and more buoyant than the rhythm of exhortation and blame … you should, you would, you must, you need.”

Here’s the music he refers to.

Listen in from 3.52 and feel the rhythm Zander describes. It will lift you; I promise. You might even want to skip!

When we are in the crazy time of transition, it can feel so heavy and stressful – particularly when we resist being there.

I have to remind myself to walk my talk. I feel the weight and the thinking that takes hold. I say out loud, “let go” and then I do a simple Heartmath breath practice.

Once I’ve let go, my perspective changes. I say to myself, “all is well” and sure enough, without me focusing on it something shifts!

And I remember … the rhythm of transformation is light, bright and fast.