Fuel Brilliance for teams

It's one thing to say that you’ve got each other’s backs and another to follow through.  Teams that feel safe with each other are willing to reach further, take risks, screw up and learn in a way that brings innovation and a whole new level of connection.

Teams will often say they embrace individual uniqueness but when there’s conflict it’s often easier to ask who’s fault it was and then blame – “they don’t get it”.   When we stop making assumptions about others values, decision making processes and motives we create the opportunity for even better results through teamwork.

If your team need to work together to deliver even better results I can help you to ...

  • Understand each other's passion, strengths and contribution

  • Nurture honest relationships 

  • Communicate better to create a win/win

  • Focus and collaborate more effectively to deliver results


​I will work with your team to help strengthen human relationships, release the passion, potential and performance using a blend of neuroscience, strengths assessments, a range of coaching tools, experiential learning and follow up. 

Bespoke Team Packages